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January 2015

For the month of January we are offering $10.00 off our AntiFreeze Service!  No need for a coupon just request the service when you arrive!  Click HERE to learn more about our AntiFreeze Service.


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This Month's Featured Service

Differential Service

This is a picture of a differential.  If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle (like a pickup or a Suburban for example) you have a differential in the rear of your vehicle.  If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle you have three differentials.  A front and rear differential and a transfer case.


Why are we telling you this?  Because differentials are filled with gear oil (or transmission fluid) and that oil/fluid needs to be changed just like the oil in your engine.  Each vehicle manufacturer has their own mileage recommendations for when these fluids need to be changed.  When we service your vehicle we will let you know when these fluids are due to be changed.  We carry in stock every type of fluid and additive necessary to maintain your differentials.


Want to know what a differential does and how it works?  Click HERE and scroll down to the video, it's pretty interesting.

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